Located East of the Athabasca River just off Highway 63, Gravel Pit Industrial Park is ready for your business. This park features undeveloped land that is currently suitable for a laydown yard, and is open for development offers.

Also operated by Birch Mountain Enterprises, the gravel pit contains:
A Wastewater treatment system, environmental friendly state of the art technology and full Bio Solids Management project.
Application of our MBR for wastewater treatment yields several benefits due the efficiency of the technology:

  • Small Footprint & High-Quality Effluent
  • Multi-train redundancy (enables maintenance without stopping system)
  • Robust Treatment Process
  • Full Automation
  • Low System Maintenance
  • Enhanced Nitrification Capabilities
  • Handles large flow ranges
  • The design has accounted for backwash wastes from the potable water package.
  • High quality effluent.
Full Enclosed Bio solids system:
Utilizing an in-vessel composting system for accelerating composting, the Bioreactor rotating drum composter can compost solid waste in 4 to 7 days, it is a complete “Green Solution” the precise engineer tightly controls decomposition process of solid organic waste and reliably converts organic material into a nutrient rich humus, pathogen, insect larva and weed seeds free and virtually odorless. The resulting sanitized compost bears no resemblance to the waste from which it was converted. Plus, the compost that is produced is of a superior quality to conventional forms of composting; in other words, it is substantially matured in just 4 to 7 days.

For more information contact Francisco Zacarias (Site Manager) 780-916-8209

park additions

  • Paved Main Road
  • 24-Hour Access
  • Restrictive Uses Are In Place
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Electrolyzed Signage
  • Security Cameras
  • Main Road Lighting