Current Tenant: Weldco Heavy Industries

The new 60,000 sq.ft. facility is purpose-built to handle the large equipment and components that require assembly or repair. Rotators Weldco Heavy Industries has a 120-ton capacity rotator, providing a reserve of 30% to accommodate potential increases in future materials. By reducing the amount of handling, the rotators offer a safe and effective means to service and repair the core products destined for the facility. Overhead Cranes The main bay of the facility is specifically designed to accommodate the large truck bodies. This bay has two 100-ton cranes with 20-ton auxiliaries. The middle bay has two 50-ton bridge cranes with 10-ton auxiliaries to support dipper bucket repairs, general fabrication, new body assembly and shipping of processed steel plate. Bay three has one 10-ton and one 20-ton crane to handle the plate processing equipment, including the burning table, press brake, drill, boring equipment, track pad cell and lathe. Press Brake A 2000-ton press brake with a 24' bed supports the operation's core capabilities. From forming 4" wear-resistant steel required for dipper bucket floors, to supporting the pre-assembly of truck body walls, the press brake is a major asset to the operation. Burn Table The ESAB CNC burn table accommodates two 8'x24' steel plates. The table supports all facets of the operation, from truck body rebuilds to custom burning of plate. Travel Lift A 70-ton capacity mobile gantry crane is used to load and unload trucks, carry product into the shop and provide a large capacity-lifting device wherever it is required. For more information visit

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