We are pleased to announce the launch of our new email newsletter. We we will be regularly creating original content each quarter and sharing it with our tenants.

The format will allow us to engage with our industrial park tenants more closely and regularly. With curated information in our newsletters every month, we hope to give our tenants inside access to what we have been planning, operating, building and thinking about exciting updates regarding the industrial parks and we hope this will be a welcome addition to your inbox

Our goal with this newsletter is to create something that is candid, genuine and beneficial to our readers. We chose a monthly schedule to ensure that our correspondence is never overwhelming and that the content delivered is relevant.

As with most things that we do, we also view the creation of our own newsletter as a great opportunity to experiment. It will also be exciting to evaluate how our readers are engaging with our content as we go along. Thus, we will welcome any feedback and will seek to continually improve with each issue. It is through this ongoing experiment that we look to gain more knowledge, insight and ideas that we will pass along to our current and future clients.